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It’s a marketplace for people to buy and sell phone numbers that are either memorable (such as 111 222) or that spell a word or a name, or that are personally unique (e.g. JSmith).

It depends whether you are on a contract or not. If you are on a contract, see the following Question. If you have a SIM only, then all you need to do is register your SIM for sale, and make sure that you check your web account regularly to see if any offers have been made. If you are selling your number, we recommend that you buy another number and text or tell your friends your new number, so that you can transfer the SIM to the buyer as soon as possible after you have agreed a price with the buyer.

We don't charge anything to register a number for sale on our website, but you will need to send a text message so we can check you have the number you are selling. We charge a commission of 10% (ten percent) of the sale price of any number that is sold through our website. Payment is made by Paypal or by debit card.

When a seller accepts a price for a number, it no longer appears in your purchases. If you won the sale, it will appear in the 'Won Purchases' sectin at the bottom of the page. If you didn't win, or seller cancelled the sale, then you were sent an email informing you of this.

Just dial the code numbers as normal (e.g. 07957), but when you get to a letter just press the "ALT" (Shift) key and type out the letters as they appear on the Qwerty keypad. When you press the green Dial/Call button, the BlackBerry will convert the letters into the correct number for a standard keypad, and dial the number for you. It will even leave the letters you have used in the Call Log dial list.

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